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Global Media Insights (GMI) is a registered trade name of Ryan Starzyk Holdings, Limited Liability Corporation (RSH).  

RSH is located, and based out of the State of Arizona.  GMI is dedicated to honest, well researched, factually based publications that drive honest and constructive debates.  The goal of this organization is to inform, present a very through analysis of real-world issues while also keeping a firm balance between politics and facts.

The author, Ryan A. Starzyk is the Chief Executive Officer of RSH, and subsequently the official operator of all three sub-companies.  Each of the entities established under RSH serve a vastly different purpose.  For this entity, GMI, the purpose is:

Provide factually based publications in a manner that is honest, credible and provides the utmost deference.  

Ethics Statement

Trust, Honesty, Fairness, Responsibility (THFR)

Trust – GMI relies on trust in order to provide the information and content reviews.  The same trust GMI relies on, we expect you to as well.  

Honesty – GMI will always provide honest analysis with credible references.

Fairness – GMI will ensure a fair, reasonable and non-partisan analysis when discussing topics related to politics, religion, sex, ancestry, race, or any other attribute that would require a fair view for conducting a viable analysis.  

Responsibility – GMI will hold itself responsible should one of our publications reflect inaccurate information.  GMI will immediately notify the public of such a circumstance, publish an entire page citing what we knew at the time, what changed, and our sincere apology.  We do take full responsibility for any and all accurate, and inaccurate statements made that do not have substantial facts supporting them.

If you have any questions, please visit our contact page and we will respond within 72 hours.


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